Saturday, July 12, 2008

Should we stay? (or should we go go...)

So should we extend? Or should we go...
I don't know how long the tour will be if we do....

Good Points about leaving the island

  • Starting out a new adventure!
  • Chance to see my friends and family again.
  • Making more and wonderful friends
  • Enjoy something different
  • Having a new house *hopefully*
  • We might get to be back in the mainland
  • OR we might be overseas again!
  • Get a chance to visit a different country *maybe*
  • OR if we get the mainland we can take road trips again!
I'm sure there are more reason to go! I just haven't thought of it yet. When I was a child a huge part of my dream was to travel... I'm also scared that if we stay this tour I won't be able to leave it once that ends...
*I will if I have to, but by then I'll be attached*

Why I don't want to leave

  • have to leave my wonderful friends *even though I know they are my friends for life*
  • living here is wonderful
  • Won't be able to experience things on the island anymore
  • Too expensive to visit here.
Regardless... living here we'll still have all those wonderful memories that all our great friends have provided.Image and video hosting by TinyPic
If this is part of God's plan I am not going to fight it one bit. I know its for the best, and that he isn't sending us anywhere to punish us. No place will ever be like here, but home is where God sends us.
Not where the military sends us.
Where GOD sends us.
He has the final say on all things.
Either way, we've been greatly blessed.
I thank God for all of thisImage and video hosting by TinyPic

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