Friday, August 13, 2010

Its a....

Baby girl!!! :) Our little Audrey Renee.
She didn't show herself on the first try. but a week later she was more than willing.
Audrey is developing normally it seems, and soon we'll find out if there are any issues we should worry about. I think she will be nice and healthy though, and she looks like she'll be a beautiful baby.
I think she actually has my hubby's nose, and the same shape face.
I'm so excited, I can't wait till she is finished baking, and we finally get to meet her.
Hubby is nervous, but I think he'll be a great daddy to a baby girl.
The first picture is a front view of her face, and the 2nd is a profile picture.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tour of Labor & Delivery

Today Hubby and I got to tour the Labor and Delivery center that our LO will most likely be born in.It was so beautiful, the whole place had a very warm feel to it. The rooms were lovely and pretty large.

You get to have the baby with you at all times after they give LO a bath/checkup. They let us know that by the time I come in January that they will have new furniture so the old stuff that they have will be gone. Honestly, the furniture didn't look too bad, but new sounds good to me!!

They have 12 rooms, and they normally get 4 ladies a day they have a vaginal birth. I didn't think to ask about the actual delivery room, or if that was it. I'll ask my OBGYN at the appointment Wednesday.

They have 2 operating rooms also for C sections.

What freaks me out though is that they can only have 4 babies in the nicu... If baby needs extra help they will send him to a better hospital, and you will come with. I guess its not so bad, you get to go with baby regardless... but still it makes me nervous.

It was so quiet... nothing like what I thought it would be, There was a lady checking in when we got there, and a family that was playing with their new baby with the room open. I guess they were on their way out.

It was a nice little tour... it was only 30 minutes of tour... so short, but nice.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Soooo we're expecting!

We found out on May 2, 2010 that we were pregnant! Woot!
This is our first baby and we had just started trying a month before.
We honestly thought it would take MONTHS, so the fact that it happened so quickly really surprised me.
I wasn't thinking about pregnancy much, but my husband noticed that I was very tired on one of our drives. I couldn't stay awake at all!
Sucks... lol because we went to a place that sells a lot of different types of soda... and I found this coffee soda... that I actually liked.
So right before drinking my hubby suggested I take one...
I didn't want to. I hated taking pregnancy test, get my hopes up, and finding out I wasn't.

Anyways I went, did my thing, and waited for the results.
Within a minute it said POSITIVE!

It didn't even give me enough time to go get my hubby in the other room!
So after the shock wore off I ran to the living room, and told hubby.
He was so excited. Probably in as much shock as I was.

Soon after taking the test, we got a blood test to confirm.
That too came back positive.

On what was suppose to be 9 weeks we went for our first doctors appointment.
Michael was due to leave for training that weekend, and we wanted to see if we could see the baby.
The nurse made up an excuse for us to see how far along I was, and we found out I was actually 6 weeks along, not 9!

Michael left that weekend, and all was good for a few days.
I ended up having some bleeding and I thought that for sure I was having a miscarriage.
I went in for a few blood test, and I found out I was B- blood type... Not B+ like I was told by my parents.
Anywhoo... I got another ultrasound to see if baby was okay.

I heard heartbeat at 10 weeks
and Hubby heard it at 13 weeks.
All is good!
Now I am 15 weeks tomorrow.

Monday, January 25, 2010

In Oklahoma

We've made it to OKC, its actually pretty nice.
The plane ride wasn't as bad as we thought.
Our kitties did very well, didn't even make a peep.
They are pretty much back to normal, and eating fine.

Weather wise we haven't had any problems. It looks like possible snow in the next few days.
We are very much looking forward to this, after years and years of just plain sunshine.
LOL yes, I am a sunshine hater! GRRRR.
I am already loving it here.

We drove by what is hopefully our next home, and although its purple outside, it actually looks very very nice!
Wayyyyy better than what we had before.
This is going to be good!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Last Night in the House

Wow.... I can't believe it's the last night in this house.
If you would have asked me a couple of weeks ago I probably would have told you it couldn't come soon enough.

I had my last day at work on Saturday.
I will truly miss the store so much. I made some really great friends there.

It seems to be coming on so fast, but I'm looking forward to Oklahoma.
So many new experiences coming, and I'm excited to get started.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Its been over a year 1/2! Yikes!

Long time no post I guess, lol since I got my hubby back I kind of ....really....slacked off.
Sorry guys!
Michael has been back for a year and a half already.
Still no baby, but hopefully moving closer to family will give us the opportunity to start trying again.
We're being stationed at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. Pretty excited to be close to family again.
We've missed being able to take road trips, and see new sites, but I am truthfully going to say that I will miss Hawaii. Besides the beauty, it has also brought us some good friends for life.
Hawaiian has provided many many blessings for us.
We will miss the beautiful beaches, and nice weather. LOL
Sunny weather 24/7 gets boring after the first 2 years.
We can't wait to experience new things in Oklahoma.
Hopefully everything will go smoothly.

So we are at 1 week till flying out.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Who is excited?!

Me! That is who! I'm getting my husband back in less then two weeks!
Hopefully right around what I had originally thought!
I'm super excited!
He still doesn't have tickets for the mainland but he knows when he leaves, and its in less then two weeks!
I also got a new hair cut
what do you think
opinions are loved!
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