Friday, August 29, 2008

Who is excited?!

Me! That is who! I'm getting my husband back in less then two weeks!
Hopefully right around what I had originally thought!
I'm super excited!
He still doesn't have tickets for the mainland but he knows when he leaves, and its in less then two weeks!
I also got a new hair cut
what do you think
opinions are loved!


tatiana_rem_jolly said...

woot woot I'm glad you're getting your hubby back.
As for your hair I didn't see it before, but it looks cute none the less.

tatiana_rem_jolly said...

oh sry, btw I'm wildfire1423 from MSOS >< sry

pixiedustinlove said...

Very very cute!
Where in Hawaii are you? Im up in Mililani!

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